Testimonials from our happy clients

Claire came in and we felt a huge sense of relief.

I don’t think I will ever be able to thank Claire enough. When our triplets came home from the hospital, we felt overwhelmed and outnumbered. It didn’t take long until we were burned out and totally exhausted from being up all hours of the day and night. Claire really earned our trust and took the best care of all three newborns by herself, keeping them safe, comforted, and happy from the moment she arrived until we took over the next morning. Due to Claire’s help, we were able to get the rest needed to be the best parents possible for our kids. I would 100% recommend Claire to any new parent, especially a parent of multiples. Claire is honest, trustworthy and will help you feel like yourself again.

- -

Hey! Bronson George Gardiner was born at 9:01 AM March 9th 2018. I only pushed for 11 minutes and had only 4 pushes and here he joined us earth side! It was such an amazing birth experience and I would totally do a water birth again and again, The water was very relaxing and immediately helped with the pressure I was feeling in my back.

- Kristy -

As a chiropractor and mom of two, I highly recommend Claire Anne as your Doula! She is warm, kind and generous.She is knowledgeable and really believes in you...that you can do it...however, you envision birthing your baby! She was instrumental to me and our family in the birth of our second son. She provided the pain relief I needed when I needed it most and the emotional support to help me relax and enjoy. Claire Anne has a special calming energy about her...your baby will surely benefit from her calming presence as he or she comes into the world! Dr.Diane Grondin

- Dr.Diane Grondin -

I owe much of my peace of mind to Claire Anne's support and guidance throughout my pregnancy, the labour and birth of our daughter.  When I was quickly approaching my due date, she was so encouraging and supportive that baby would come when she was ready.  My goal was to have an intervention-free birth and we wanted to avoid induction.  She was so encouraging when the doctors and midwives would instill fear in us as first-time parents. Well thanks to her support and chiropractor referral, I went into labour spontaneously the night before I was due for an induction (2 weeks overdue!).  Especially in the difficult active labour (thank you back labour!), she worked tirelessly and in tandem with my husband to help me breathe through my contractions. Even after the birth of our daughter, she is still supportive and so involved.  She always goes the extra mile - from making gifts for the D+L nurses and making us a birth story!

- Sharai -

From our very first meeting, Tim and I were convinced Claire Anne was the Doula for us. Her experience and knowledge about birth is very encouraging. She knew how to ease our minds about any situation, even after the birth of our daughter, we consulted Claire Anne on many questions we had. As first-time parents, it was a comfort to be able to count on her at any time of the day. I am recommending her to all my friends and family for any birth and postpartum service.

- Mary -

When I chose to be a surrogate, the first thing on my list was to hire a doula. I found Claire Anne and from the very start her dedication and attention to me, my pregnancy, and the intended parents was unfailing. She was always there to support me and provide us with informed choices throughout the journey. She held my hand every single day for almost 6 months until the birth. The pregnancy was not without its challenges. Claire Anne's tireless support often was what helped me get through each and every day. The labour and birth was very long, almost 60 hours, Claire Anne was there supporting me by my side throughout the entire time. She is an amazing centred Doula with a heart as big as the entire world.

- Becky -

Claire and I became friends from the very first meeting, she just listened to me and asked few questions, she was present and strong, my pregnancy was a precarious one possible pre-term birth and baby’s air way obstruction as well as low birth weight from unknown causes, Claire never stopped her encouragement and positivity through the entire pregnancy. When the day came and I needed an induction, she was there with me throughout the entire time, a total of 27 hours before baby was born. Claire was there to support me through a very difficult and long labour. She guided me through the birth with unfailing concentration and faith in me, thanks to my Doula I was able to keep my mind on birthing my baby and not pay attention to all that was going on around me, which was intense much of the time.

- Clara -

What I loved the most about Claire being my Doula is that she never let me down throughout my entire pregnancy, anytime I had an uncertainty or an unusual ache or pain she was right there to take my message and relieve me of my doubts and fears. During my labour and awesome ten minute birth she was the only constant person I could rely on, along with my partner, she never left my side and even though the midwife never arrived on time for the birth my doula was with me every breath of the way. My labour and birth was totally unmedicated, thanks to my Doula.

- Julia -

Conoci Clarita, hace muchos anos, ella siempre trabajando con los animals, ayudandolas a dar a luz a sus creaturas. Cuando me embarrase, pedi su ayuda para dar a luz a mi bebe. El dia llego, muy pronto llego Clarita, ella me ayudo a caminar, siempre recordandeme a tomar agua, me hizo massage sobre mis piernas, y mi espalda, cuando llego mi bebita, siguio platicando estuvo mi guia a traves todo mi parto. Agradesco su apoyo tranquilo y gracias a Clarita, puedo acordarme de un nacimiento que fue muy bonito y lleno de amor.

- Lupita -

I asked Claire to be my Doula with my first pregnancy, although the labour was long with the first birth, thanks to her constant attention to my needs and her unfailing vigilance and encouragement my birth was natural and un-medicated in a peaceful birthing centre. Although all my pregnancies were so different one constant in all of them was Claire’s unwavering commitment to me and my birth wishes. I feel without her support, my birth memories would be very different.

- Danielle -