I owe much of my peace of mind to Claire Anne’s support and guidance throughout my pregnancy, the labour and birth of our daughter.  When I was quickly approaching my due date, she was so encouraging and supportive that baby would come when she was ready.  My goal was to have an intervention-free birth and we wanted to avoid induction.  She was so encouraging when the doctors and midwives would instill fear in us as first-time parents. Well thanks to her support and chiropractor referral, I went into labour spontaneously the night before I was due for an induction (2 weeks overdue!).  Especially in the difficult active labour (thank you back labour!), she worked tirelessly and in tandem with my husband to help me breathe through my contractions.

Even after the birth of our daughter, she is still supportive and so involved.  She always goes the extra mile – from making gifts for the D+L nurses and making us a birth story!

- Sharai -

Birth doula client