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The Power Of Birth

Last night I was invited to witness the power of birth of an amazing family, who welcomed their beautiful babies, yes two babies, at home undisturbed in the comfort of their home. The intensity was there, the pain was there, the magic was there too. Respecting a laboring mother’s wishes, honouring her space, honouring her peace. Her voice was loud

Power from within

Pregnancy is the one most life changing experience in any woman’s  life. Although, it is a totally normal “condition” to be in, and in fact that is whole reason for our being here on earth in the first place, most women seem to have transferred the responsibility to someone else, either a doctor, midwife. The fact of the matter is,

Undisturbed Birth Indie Birth Way

What does undisturbed birth really mean? Are we saying we are all alone with no one around? Are we saying we are immobile and waiting for birth to happen? Are we saying we are sleeping through it? Well, that is not exactly what an undisturbed birth is. An undisturbed birth is more referring to interventions and speeding things up, taking