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Eating During Pregnancy

I cannot talk about this enough, it is so very important to eat well and whole foods during pregnancy. I can even say that it is just as important to eat this way even before you start growing a baby. Growing a baby is the most fabulous event in a pregnant person’s life. Just think about how magical that is!

Celebrating Life

Every day is a perfect day to celebrate, every is a gift in itself. When there is a tiny human growing in our womb and we really take a step back and reflect on the miracle that this is, then it is a perfect moment to celebrate life, from its initial moment and right on through till birth. Each and

The Importance of Healthy Eating

It is important to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth.When you are growing a baby, your body is producing 40% more blood volume and you need to nourish that to remain healthy and have a powerful birth. Eating healthy is the root for feeling good and for baby to feel good to. It is never too early to get