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The Power Of Birth

Last night I was invited to witness the power of birth of an amazing family, who welcomed their beautiful babies, yes two babies, at home undisturbed in the comfort of their home. The intensity was there, the pain was there, the magic was there too. Respecting a laboring mother’s wishes, honouring her space, honouring her peace. Her voice was loud

When They are ready

This week I want to talk about babies arriving when they are ready to. The medical world at some point decided that they knew better than babies on the subject, and so inductions were born. They play with women’s emotions and the fact that they are tired and want to meet their baby. Most of the time they are successful

Delivered: The empowering journey toward your ideal birth and beyond

Delivered is the brainchild of a colleague and friend Tara Dhanasar owner and practitioner of Live Well Family Chiropractic.http://livewellfamilychiropractic.ca Delivered is all about planning your birth. Even before conception, preparing soon to be parents for conception, pregnancy and birth is important. Delivered will be an informative session where soon to be parents will be able to obtain vital information about