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Childbirth Fear Study

I have been asked to share this Childbirth Fear Study, on behalf of Dr Nicole Fairbrother, Professor with the University of British Columbia Department of Psychiatry. The purpose of this study is to find out if our new measure can help us identify women experiencing clinically significant fear of childbirth. To do this, we are asking pregnant women to complete

Dancing for Birth

As a Dancing for Birth Instructor, my mission is to empower women through dance. ¬†They have the inner wisdom and strength to birth their babies.The dancing for birth classes are fun and informative. There are 2 essentials for an effective and intuitive birth: Sensation! without sensation during labour, mom’s body can’t give her clues and insights as to what her

Natural Birth in a Hospital!

Most birth Stories involve an induction followed by a cascade of interventions, and almost half the time these interventions end up in a c-birth, as I prefer to call it. Deciding whether to birth at home or in a hospital can be a difficult decision, especially if your birth team is not totally on board with it, and then there