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Holiday Weekend-

Upon us is another holiday weekend, although many people don’t take this seriously, the world around us is certainly different. Stores are closed, offices are closed, banks are closed, to name a few places. When it’s baby time, it’s baby time. Baby chooses the date to arrive and whether or not the world around is on holiday, baby does not

When They are ready

This week I want to talk about babies arriving when they are ready to. The medical world at some point decided that they knew better than babies on the subject, and so inductions were born. They play with women’s emotions and the fact that they are tired and want to meet their baby. Most of the time they are successful

Winter Solstice

Such a special day! It signifies a change, and after the very challenging year we have had, this solstice is very welcome and we ask her to please help us make change happen. Life goes on, babies are still being born and are still choosing to come earthside and for that we are ever so grateful. Winter in Canada is

Emergence – birth

When it comes time for the largest part of the baby’s head to appear that is called crowning the baby has already passed through the Birth Gate and the Mother is energized and  ecstatic. She may cry out loudly like to let us know she is back from her birth journey.An adrenalin response, she may get up from her kneeling

Doulas are labour and birth coaches

After being a couple for some time, couples decide one day that they are ready to take the leap into Parenthood. For many that’s all it takes, and voila, we are having a baby! Thus the journey and the excitement of it all begins. At first, it is just Mom’s little secret as to not raise expectations until a confirmation

You and Your Birth Wishes

What an awesome time in a couple’s life, a new Baby! The two of you sit together to discuss your dream birth. Moms come prepared and instinctively know how to birth their babies. You, as a support partner, that is another story. This dream of simply being able to support your partner while they welcome your baby into the world

Daddy’s and Doulas

The value and importance of Daddy during labour and birth is in most cases indispensable. Dad provides an emotional support by simply being there. As the situation intensifies, Dad becomes the shoulder to lean on, the hand that soothes the edge, the arms that caress and embrace, and the voice Mom needs to express her feelings and wishes to the