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Holiday Weekend-

Upon us is another holiday weekend, although many people don’t take this seriously, the world around us is certainly different. Stores are closed, offices are closed, banks are closed, to name a few places. When it’s baby time, it’s baby time. Baby chooses the date to arrive and whether or not the world around is on holiday, baby does not

all about baby

It’s all about the baby, especially with a first baby, everyone is wondering about the baby, friends and family call to find out when is baby coming, how come it’s taking so long, Friends and family all want to come by to visit the baby. Baby gets all the attention, it is an amazing journey for baby to be sure,

Fussy Baby-Try Reflexology

You can instantly calm a fussy baby! with Reflexology! Reflexology is an ancient gift for relieving pain, by applying pressure on certain points of the body. Reflexology can be of great help with young children, especially little babies still adjusting to their new life earthside.First thing to do is to relax your baby and boost the baby’s blood flow with

Young Living Seedlings Products

Parents make hundreds of decisions about the health and happiness of their family each day. With so many products and promises to choose from, Young Living Seedlings™ is designed to make it simple for parents to find pure, gentle products infused with baby-safe essential oils to care for their littlest, most vulnerable family members. The soothing, plant-based formulas use infant-safe