Smart Bassinet (Baby Sleeper) Rental

Min. 1 month; can extend after 2 weeks
Smart Bassinet Rentals $8/DAY + HST

After working with several families with the smart bassinet as my assistant, I felt that being able to offer this bassinet to families in need of some sleep for the first few weeks after their new life begins with baby, is a great option.

My recommended rental time is 3 months. Some babies adjust more quickly and some less quickly so that is left to each individual family once they start working with the smart bassinet.

Please note: There are linen purchase or rental options which must be used for the functionality of the smart bassinet. Please contact us for those option details.

Helping babies & parents be happy!

The smart bassinet is a game-changer for many sleep-deprived parents. It can help reduce postpartum depression and marital stress by simulating the womb environment and calming babies to have better sleep. The smart bassinet is all about swaddling.  It gently rocks and jiggles babies from birth to six months old (a period often called the “fourth trimester”).

Babies are zipped into a mesh sleep sack after a broad cotton swaddle tightly pins the infant’s arms to the side from shoulder to wrist. The sack is then secured to the bassinet’s frame before the rocking and a white-noise lullaby start.  The smart-tech baby sleeper increases its motion and noise based on persistent sound from the baby, until it reaches its fourth and final level. If that doesn’t work, it turns off. Parents can adjust settings manually or with an app.

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