Postpartum doula services


The support of a postpartum doula has been proven to ease breastfeeding and encourages mother-infant bonding, resulting in a healthy and positive transition to life as a family. A postpartum doula’s support also decreases the chances of postpartum depression by supporting and encouraging self care by mothering the new mother.

As your postpartum doula I will provide a supportive presence in your home, with emotional and informational support for you and your family through breastfeeding or formula feeding support, personal care guidance, newborn care techniques, and baby wearing. We will also help keep the household running smoothly by providing assistance with light household chores, meal preparation, laundry, sibling care, assistance in attending appointments, while you adjust to the day to day routine of life with your new love(s). This support will allow you to heal, adjust and embrace the newborn period as an extended part of the birthing process.

Prenatal, Labour, Birth, Postpartum
Online Support $40/HR

It is never too early or too late to hire a doula, with this package, continuous support is available, text, message, phone, facetime, skype or zoom. From the very beginning of pregnancy up to and including labour, birth and postpartum. A doula can help and support birth person with any and all questions, aches, pains, doubts, uncertainties and fears. As pregnancy advances, a birthing person can experience many unusual feelings, physical and emotional, having a doula to talk to and consult is reassuring. At anytime during your pregnancy, should you decide to move into the other support packages, your online package amount will be discounted from the package price you choose.

  • PostpartumBASIC PACKAGE

  • 12 hours of care
  • Additional hours available at $40/hour
  • Overnight care (10PM-6AM) for $320**
  • $475*
  • Request service

  • 48 hours of care
  • Additional hours available at $40/hour
  • Overnight care (10PM-6AM) for $320**
  • $1900*
  • Request service

*Plus HST
**HST excluded for overnight services

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