Placenta and Cord

This week, I witnessed and supported physiological births, and also supported hospital births. The physiological births were exactly that, undisturbed and truly empowered by Mother and Baby, I was merely invited and so very honored to be there. A deep and enriching blessing and a miracle. That brings me to


Natasha McBride has a podcast on thishttps://natashamcbride and I found it very interesting that she mentions the definition of “excessive infant crying syndrome” COLIC is an acronym standing for “Cause Obscure Lengthy Infant Crying” When parents have a baby who does this, it can be very heartbreaking and difficult to

This is Birth

Amazing Vbac On Sunday, I was invited to join in the welcoming of Oliver meet his family earth side. I had been visiting and educating this family for the past several months, and though all families seem attentive there is always this uncertain factor around every birth, the labour. Although

An amazing achievement

Last week, I joined our group of Doulas for our first team meeting, virtual to be sure, at BirthMarkhttps://birthmarksupport.com Many new projects brewing there and as we went through these, a very special speaker joined us from Roots of Empathy,https://rootsofempathy.org/ontario a non profit organization, with a fabulous energy and mission.

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