Claire's Story

Claire Anne, certified doula and sleep education specialist from Whitby

My name is Claire Anne and I am mother to two amazing, genuine and sensitive grown children, who are parents to my six beautiful growing grandchildren.

My love affair with motherhood began at a very young age, as far as I can remember I wanted to be a mother. I must have expressed these desires with my mother because one Christmas, I was so excited to find under the tree a beautiful newborn doll, all soft bodied with a full head of hair. I also got a baby bath for her, one I could put real water in, and a tiny crib just for her.

Soon after, a neighbour who looked after me when my Mom worked had a baby boy I was so taken with him, every minute I was there I was helping her with baby. A few years later my sister became a Mother and I became a Mom too. I was there at his birth and from that moment on I was bedazzled with birth and babies. He was the most gorgeous baby.

Years passed, and my turn came to become a mother. By this time, I owned my own farm in Alberta and I had studied Animal husbandry, nutrition and large animal artificial insemination.
I managed the farm, a farrow to finish operation, as well as a cow calf operation, with every one of their births I witnessed their behavior and calmness and envisioned the same for myself. Although my birth was a longer process than what I had worked with the animals, the serenity and calmness prevailed and my daughter made her entrance earth side naturally, I was elated and filled with an indescribable energy and motherly love and thus my Motherhood journey began.

Almost three years later my son was born, a much easier natural birth and I was again blessed with that beautiful sensation of Motherhood and all that it encompasses.

Now that my children are grown I find myself able to pursue this miracle of birth assisting women and their partners through the wonderful and unforgettable journey and beauty of life.

Claire Anne Gallagher

  • Traditional Birth Companion
  • Birth Doula-DTC- Doula Training Canada
  • RDO Certified #L016
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Infant Sleep Educator

Nadine's Story

My name is Nadine Ross. I am the daughter of Claire Anne, my doula team partner. I am the mother of four beautiful independent young girls, ranging in age from seven to nineteen. Nicole, Monique, Gabrielle and Elyse.

Although my journey as a mother began at a very young age, my mother was my first and unfailing supporter. My passion for birth and babies began with my first birth and with my mother’s support throughout my labour and birth, I experienced the wonderful birth of my daughter Nicole, un-medicated in a birthing centre.

The birth of my second daughter Monique, five years later was very different.

I was swayed by my medical team into an induction. Monique’s birth persuaded me that there had to be alternatives to birth.

The birth of my third daughter Gabrielle, was a home birth and by far my best birth.

Much of this labour I did in a birthing pool, though she was my biggest baby over 10 lbs, being able to birth at home, with no medical intervention, the serenity was magical.

I dreamed of repeating this experience, with my fourth daughter Élyse, however, our wishes and dreams don’t always come true in birth, her birth was still a beautiful one and my body birthed Elyse. My mother was my powerful support throughout all my births and I know that without her presence, my birth stories would have been very different and perhaps traumatizing.

This passion remains deep within me, so a few years ago I decided to follow a career dream and study to certify as a Labour and Birth Doula. I was so inspired by my choice, and knew from the moment I began studying that my Mom, would be equally fascinated with this awesome and wonderful profession.

As we share the same vision and beliefs in helping Moms realize their birthing dreams, working together is the obvious choice for us, and so our Doula story has begun.

Nadine Ross

  • Labour and Birth Doula DTC
  • Placenta Encapsulation