Holiday Weekend-

Upon us is another holiday weekend, although many people don’t take this seriously, the world around us is certainly different. Stores are closed, offices are closed, banks are closed, to name a few places. When it’s baby time, it’s baby time. Baby chooses the date to arrive and whether or not the world around is on holiday, baby does not know of these commercialized holidays, if the day is the day then so be it. As a birth support person, i know that only too well and being ready is the key. I embrace these special times and look forward to any new arrival, whether it be on a holiday weekend or not, I am here. Any birth is a very special day for me and for everyone around me. It is an exciting time. Weekend babies come often for some reason, you would think there would be less action, considering there are seven days in a week, but not so, a large number lately, have been deciding to arrive on the weekend. In hospital births, it is even more common because of the high induction rate which is more often than not, scheduled for baby to arrive on the weekend. I will reserve my opinion about this practice. When baby is left to decide on their own, the shift is more balanced to any day, which makes more sense to me. Bless these little ones and you are welcome anytime.


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