Speak for Yourself: Advocating for what you want.

Once you have in mind, what you wish for yourself and your baby, and that takes whole lot of education and determination to really know what you want, then you can be assertive and stand firm about what you want. You may want to birth without any medication, and you want to delay the cord clamping, and you may want to have your baby on your chest without being wiped down first, you may want to decline the pitocin injection, you want to save your placenta, you may not want to be prepped for an emergency and have that hep lock on your hand while you are labouring, you may want to move around, you may want to be on your hands and knees while birthing, you may even want to catch your own baby! you may not want to have your membranes ruptured, you may not want an epidural, you may not want the genetic testing, you may not want the gestational diabetes test, you may not want the group B strep test. You May not want to be induced, just to name a few things that could be discussed and even forced upon you if you do not speak for yourself, do your research, hire a doula or even birth companion so they can explain and educate so that when the time comes you will be prepared and know what you want for your Birth, because it is the most important event of your life, and it is the birth of your baby and the birth of a mother and the birth of a family, serious stuff!

Listen to Part One of this birth experience, you will love it, I know I did!

Much Love



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