Smart Sleeper Bassinet

In August I was supporting a newborn overnights, and a friend of the family had offered to lend this Smart Sleeper to them, boasting its amazing qualities on providing comfort for the newborn and a more restful sleep for the provider. The outcome for this family was amazing as well and needless to say for me as a doula, it made my support with this family quite a breeze.

The Snoo as it is known in most places, is a fantastic bassinet invented by Dr Karp and his team. It is quite pricey, however, the investment is valid. Most newborns are seeking comfort and warmth and often times spending endless hours in arms, a great and comfortable place to be, the snoo does not replace that, what it does though, it allows baby to be placed in between feedings and continue to sleep so that Mom or Dad may be able to get other things done, like maybe a shower, or have something to eat, or just plain relax for a few minutes.

Here at Birth-By The Doula Way, we are offering a rental option of this amazing helper, so that more families may have access to it at a fraction of the cost. There is a minimum rental time of one month, suggested total rental time, 3 months, after which baby begins to move around and the bassinet, may or may not depending on baby, be big enough beyond this point. 

More information and details are available on this website under services.https://www.birth-bythedoulaway.ca


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