When They are ready

This week I want to talk about babies arriving when they are ready to. The medical world at some point decided that they knew better than babies on the subject, and so inductions were born. They play with women’s emotions and the fact that they are tired and want to meet their baby. Most of the time they are successful at convincing women and there they go traipsing to the hospital like lambs to slaughter. Women are subjected to the system stripped of their dignity and their power to birth their baby. Poor baby has absolutely nothing to say in the matter and forced out of their comfy abode, often way too soon. What happens next of course, baby is here and not ready to successfully latch and nurse and the mother and baby bond often times becomes strained and depression sets in for the family and what should have been a miraculous and magical experience turns into nothing less than a daily nightmare.

Trust your baby! Trust your body! Trust that birth is not a medical event! It has been happening for thousands of years. Respect yourself and take charge of your birth! Your baby deserves nothing less.

Birth is Power on your time

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