2021 Quietly Slid Home

As all of us humans have been cautioned to keep to ourselves as much as possible, the arrival of our long awaited 2021 quietly joined us.
What will this mean for us all? I for sure have no idea, I am grateful though, to have witnessed all the changes we have gone through already. Some have been for the greater good, some have been to the detriment of many.
One thing I know for sure, is that life continues and babies continue to ask to be created and they are joining us here on earth, more than ever these babies need support and caring and love. These babies lives have been changed before their life here on earth has begun, and to support them with all this, more than ever, parents need doulas to help them help their babies and families grow healthy and well.

Humans aré communicators, we strive to be around each other, babies are no different, they also need interaction and socializing and this is becoming a very challenging experience for newborns, Infants and toddlers. How we will navigate all these changes, only time and instincts will guide us through. I have no doubt these babies will end up teaching us as they always have.

Babies are born with an innate wisdom and watching them evolve and grow with these changes will allow us to understand the next phase of life here on earth.

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