Winter Solstice

Such a special day! It signifies a change, and after the very challenging year we have had, this solstice is very welcome and we ask her to please help us make change happen. Life goes on, babies are still being born and are still choosing to come earthside and for that we are ever so grateful. Winter in Canada is very much a time for cocooning and keeping indoors and being close to family, our centre, our life source. The solstice is also a new beginning, shortest day of the year and that to me denotes that the days will slower start to get longer as we inch our way to Spring and welcome back new life all around us. Flowers, leaves, plants, birds, animals, babies, fresh air, clean smells, the sound of everything growing all around.

so grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead, each and every day is unique and each and every day I’m very honoured to be a part of this life.

Thank you Earth Mother https://BirthBabyandBeyond.ca


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