Please Wash your Hands

So, the order of the day since the new year 2020, please wash your hands. Although our skin is definitely taking a hit with so much washing, it feels so good to wash and feel and smell the clean.

Washing hands is a very important part of our every day routine, and for the future generations, our children and their children, this routine is a blessing to instill in them. I have worked with young children for many years and teaching them to wash their hands has always been a massive challenge, always playing games and signing songs to get through the chore.

Explaining the reason behind the hand washing, I have found to be very effective with 4 year olds and older. I explain to them the importance of hand washing when they first wake, because our bodies carry bugs inside and while we are sleeping all these bugs come out through our fingers, so to make sure they are washed away and not spread all over everything, washing our hands first thing is the best way to start a clean new day.https://washyourlyrics.com

Obviously, repetition is the key with anything, so being consistent each and every day and each and every night of course, is the way to success. Keep up with this great new routine and take the time to repeat and repeat with your young ones. We are so lucky here to have the privilege of an infinite water supply, enjoy and share the knowledge.https://www.canada.ca

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