you are not alone

In this unprecedented situation that we are experiencing right now, I just want to assure you, birthing families and new families out there, that now more than ever, you are not alone. We, as doulas are taking collective steps to continue to offer support in all the aspects of birth and postpartum.

We are offering virtual support, something, we have always done in the past, especially prenatally and leading up to birth. We are staying home with you as long as possible, in order to minimize the hours in the hospital, if that is your birth place of choice. We are suggesting that you to seek midwife support, and choose your own home or Toronto Birth Centre for your birth experience. Nos more than ever, is the time to listen to your inner voice, your own intuition about how you wish to birth.

In the postpartum, we are offering exclusive support, meaning the same doula for the family. It is important to note that we have also implemented safety and health protocols. We are checking in before our shift, to ensure everyone is well and to let you know we are coming. We are not coming if we are feeling anything abnormal. We are asking the same from our families. We are washing hands and changing our clothes when we arrive, we are wearing masks and gloves and wiping down all areas where we are, when we arrive and when we leave we do the same. Wiping down with disinfectant all tables, light switches, door handles, any place we have touched. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/pregnancy-breastfeeding.html

Supporting Families in Birth and Parenthood

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