A new Decade

We are well into this new decade, and so far here at Birth-By the Doula way, it has been filled with welcoming many new families into parenthood. Our main focus this year, is to support families who have more than one baby at a time, we have taken the necessary courses and kept updated on how to do that in a most supporting way. I, personally, have been blessed to have been able to support triplet families. I must say the rewards are amazing and the experience is priceless. For these families, I have wonderment and awe watching their new life transform and conform at the same time. All my respect, to all new parents, parents with multiples a whole new level.

Partnering with https://bbluvgroup.com has been a result of working with new parents, the quality products they offer and the amazing tools and gadgets, like the Trimo and the Rhino created with making parenthood easier, and babies happier too.

Overnight Doula

Please visit our partner resources and you will find our new member there quickly and easily you will be taken to their website and the products they offer.

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