Postpartum support of twins

My postpartum support for the past 8 months has been caring from wonderful twins. I have to admit that doing this is a very heartwarming and fullfilling for me. My support happens mostly during the night hours and keeping these little angels comfortable and cuddled fills the night and keeps me busy the entire night. There is not much else to do in the night, other than watching these babes, changing their diapers and cuddling. I may get a chance to to fold a bit of laundry or sterilize baby bottles when that is needed, other than that it’s just holding space and making sure they are peacefully sleeping. One of my favourite things to do is to watch them as they wake little by little, their special squeaks and grunts, and not to forget those amazing pretzel stretches they can do! I like to keep the space dark and very quiet, of course, there are sounds from the outdoors and certain creaks from the wind blowing, mostly it’s pure peacefulness and bliss.

One of the most amazing facts about all babies not just the twins, is their change of humour from absolute peacefulness to absolute unhappiness when it’s feeding time. Babies know when it’s time to eat, I can be holding them and preparing them to eat and as soon as everything is ready they are ready too, they usually take a pause and then voraciously begin eating. Gradually the sound changes from eating to resting and the breathing changes as they quickly fall back to sleep with all that beautiful oxytocin flowing through them. As they continue to feed, sometimes some discomfort is visible and a burp is what’s needed. That burp usually comes fast and immediately after that burp, they are wanting more milk. A few more minutes and off they drift to sleep again. I snuggle a bit and carefully place them down in their beds and all is at peace again, for a few hours.

What makes me the happiest is knowing that Mom and Dad are getting a restful night so that the day time is more relaxed and rested for them. Taking a break for parents is a very complicated matter, especially with twins as both need to help each other out, and most of the time during the day it is quite impossible to get any rest with all the daily routines that need to get done, cleaning, laundry, feeding the babies, taking them for a walk, doctor visits, and family and friends visits, bath times and groceries and many other activities that arise.

I am so happy that I can support these families and look forward to helping many more families in the future. God Bless all you amazing and courageous parents, and thank you for your love.

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