Toronto Birth Centre

2019 is quickly under way and it always feels great to sink comfortably into a new year, this year for me has taken me to support women giving birth at the Toronto Birth Centre. I have to say that the atmosphere there is so much more conducive to birth. It is peaceful, quiet, warm, colourful and almost magical, it removes the stress of constant checking in by the medical professionals, even though the midwives are there, and carefully observing, their relaxed nature tends to allow the birthing family to relax as well. There are fresh fruits available for Mom to be, as well as smoothies, juices, water, honey, and many other organic items. It is the next best thing to birthing at home. In a low risk or no risk pregnancy, I wish this option were offered more often to anyone birthing family. The three rooms are beautifully appointed and perfect to welcome a new life earth side. The stay after the birth is short and sweet, 2 to 3 hours and off home to the comfort of a welcoming and warm bed and bedroom.

Check it out anytime, and you can even call for a tour of the the Centre, it is amazing!http://www.torontobirthcentre


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