The Importance of Healthy Eating

It is important to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth.When you are growing a baby, your body is producing 40% more blood volume and you need to nourish that to remain healthy and have a powerful birth. Eating healthy is the root for feeling good and for baby to feel good to. It is never too early to get on the right course. Even before you decide to have a baby is probably more favourable still. Eating foods rich in healthy fats like avocados. Seeds are a super food, like the trendy chia seed and the delicious sunflower seed. These help digestion as well as provide energy when we most need it. Then we have the nut category, the best options there are the walnuts, almonds,brazil nuts. Preparing foods using coconut oil is a very healthy eating choice and if you don’t like the smell, there are some coconut oils that are odourless. You may notice that all these mentioned products are vegan as well.

You can never have too many fruits and vegetables while you are eating healthy and even if you waiver once in a while keep them around they are always your best friends, getting them fresh rather than previously processed is preferable. Canned vegetables and fruits are preserved with salt and salt is not something we should be consuming a whole lot of.

Eat healthy organic and local as much as possible, that way you are most assured of freshness while encouraging our local producers.

Healthy exercise along with eating healthy will be your best friends before during and after baby arrives. Your labour and birth will be optimal as your body will be feeling good and energized. After all you will be running the most intensive marathon of your life and the most wonderful and life changing one as well.http://www.onegreenplanet.org

A special word of advice, prepare healthy home cooked meals and freeze them, so that way you can bring some healthy lunches to work and have some delicious meals ready at night when you come home from work. Make a fun afternoon with friends or partner and get ready to eat healthy! Give birth the healthy way!


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