Best of the Holiday

Another holiday season is around the corner and children are honoured and remembered during this holiday time. It is the season of love and hope and all things magical. Well as a mother myself, I have to say Mothers are magical beings. Mothers have the gift of being everything to everyone. This is true from the moment she becomes a mother, something amazing and magical happens in that moment, where a woman’s life transforms into Motherhood, she has never been more grounded, more electrified, more intense, more powerful than at this time. The purpose of me writing this today, is to let you know, pregnant women out there, that this power is yours, and no one has the right to take it from you, believe in yourselves, do not let people tell how you feel, or how you are going to feel, your inner instinct and intuition are your guide throughout your pregnancy and your birth and journey as a Mother. We are not robots, and we don’t fit in a mold, we are all individual, as individual as the baby growing in our womb. During labour and birth, we are in a vulnerable emotional and physical state, and many take advantage of that, please remember that you are able to say NO to anything and to anyone, if you are not feeling it right in your heart, then speak out, you will be heard and you need to be heard. You deserve that respect, you are magical and you always will be!


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