Power from within

Pregnancy is the one most life changing experience in any woman’s  life. Although, it is a totally normal “condition” to be in, and in fact that is whole reason for our being here on earth in the first place, most women seem to have transferred the responsibility to someone else, either a doctor, midwife. The fact of the matter is, it is no one else’s responsibility. It is the one time in a woman’s life that she has the power to be in perfect control of everything, from the food she eats, and the fluid she takes in. All of this is so very important and making sure she has the necessary rest and the proper supplements and minerals and vitamins, all very complex these days and because we live in a world filled with toxins and pollution, even more so. No doctor or midwife will insist on any of this even though, it should be a priority from the very beginning, the woman’s body is growing another human and making the necessary adjustments it needs to make for that to happen. Her body is producing so much more blood, like 40% more. Very important to prepare for a pregnancy and not disregard the importance of every single day. A woman when she delves deep within her own body, she knows and feels every single thing she needs for her and her unborn baby. That power deep within cannot be compared with any other power.So ladies please trust yourselves and your power, it is yours to discover.


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