Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate these daddys, all of them, experienced ones, newly assigned ones and of course those daddys who will soon become daddys for the first time. Daddys over the years, whether they have willingly welcomed this position of active participant throughout labour and birth and now the postpartum, or whether their cherished partner has introduced him to it in a roundabout kind of way, daddys are amazing these days, they take the role lovingly and willingly. It is a very beautiful sight to see so many daddys get involved with everything about the pregnancy and the growing baby, many daddys talk and sing to baby in utero and in fact, at birth baby quickly knows that voice. Daddys are so supportive during labour too, ever so attentive making sure mom is comfortable and getting her some food and water, offering a massage and some strong shoulders to hold on to. During the birth, daddys are strong supporters of what mom wants and mom does not want, daddys will quickly step in and speak up, when things are not quite going as they have planned, they support moms and are a wonderful help for us Doulas too. When baby arrives, quickly they are on the first photo of baby, and checking to make sure baby is ok in every way, daddys learn quickly how to hold baby, and how to change babys diaper, skin to skin they do right from the start and so quickly can baby get used to that presence. As baby grows daddys can be the ones to put baby to bed and give moms a break and this routine becomes a very appreciated one for moms so that they can get a break and even maybe have a shower. So let’s celebrate daddys on their special day, the more involved they are, the happier the birth and life after is, happy father’s day this Sunday, you Daddys rock!


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  1. Good evening. Many thanks 🙂 Great article.

    1. By Claire Gallagher

      thank you so much, merci beaucoup

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