so much to be thankful for

May is a month of renewed energy, and today May the 4th is a big day in the Star Wars world. I have never been much of an advocate of Star Wars. There are different forces for everyone, and even though, I don’t much follow Star Wars, I feel today is a great day to celebrate the magic of the imagination, just like in the movies, life has plenty of magic in it, every day, and when you have the amazing privilege of supporting a birth and feel that magic, there is so much to be thankful for. Last year on this special day of May 4th, I supported a birth and the magic of that day, is still very embedded in my mind and heart. It was a magical day, a beautiful day, and such a great day to be able to greet a new sweet and fascinating little girl, who turns one Today. I wish for her that today and every day be filled with the magic and the power of the Force of the Fourth,  the day she chose to join us earth side. So whether it be Star Wars or The Lion King, or The Sound of Music, or Mary Poppins, enjoy the beauty and the magic each and every movie can bring us, and let your imagination take over for a while, just like in labour, you can let the magic of your mind guide you through every surge and every moment.


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