Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday May 13th is Mother’s Day this year. I am going to take this opportunity to thank all my clients for allowing me to be part of their amazing journey into Motherhood. All you Mother’s are amazing and have helped to become a better guardian of birth and birth keeper for women making this journey into Motherhood too.

Becoming a  mother is a life changing event for a woman, the woman blooms into Motherhood, with the birth of a child. When it is a first baby, the transformation is fascinating to be part of, Motherhood in subsequent births is present as well, different though in many ways from the first time mom who gets this expression of amazement and bliss and supernatural glow in her eyes and face. A truly unforgettable moment for me to witness each time. So I thank you and I look forward to more miracles throughout this year, guiding more women into the rite of passage from woman to motherhood.


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