Preparing for the recovery of birth

Last week I purchased a new book for my doula library “The Fourth Trimester” by Kimberly Ann Johnson and it is all about looking after Mom after the birth of baby. Her website http://magamama.com

The book is amazingly well written and very clear, it also serves as a wonderful reference guide book. As a doula after the birth of their babies many moms experience a sense of being cast off to the side and all attention is focused on baby, that is so often true and Moms are placed in a situation where they feel the obligation to perform and get back to the centre of the family. Although some of us may feel fine with it at that moment, sooner or later, not taking the time to recover and heal and come terms with the birth in all its greatness and in cases not so great moments, will take its toll. The Fourth Trimester is a book that speaks about all this and clearly explains what is going with all those hormones. Kimberly Ann Johnson also writes about getting the body ready for birth, many women in this day and age, need to prepare their pelvic floor to open for birth. we lead a busy life and diet and exercise come into daily play, during pregnancy eating well and the proper exercises are more beneficial for a powerful birth and a more prompt recovery. Even at that though, she mentions the absolute necessity to follow our ancestors and many cultures to allow the 40 days to give our body a chance to heal, and also to bond with baby and also to get pampered as well. Reach out and let everyone  know that help and love is welcome by Mom and baby. When friends and family want to visit, assure them that they can bring some meals with them, and clean up around the house as well while they visit, the possibility exists that they may not see you or baby when they visit as well, because you and baby may be sleeping or just resting and bonding during their visit, and that is quite perfect too. Moms need love and caring as much as mom is providing love and caring to her newborn.


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