Childbirth Fear Study

I have been asked to share this Childbirth Fear Study, on behalf of Dr Nicole Fairbrother, Professor with the University of British Columbia Department of Psychiatry.

The purpose of this study is to find out if our new measure can help us identify women experiencing clinically significant fear of childbirth. To do this, we are asking pregnant women to complete the online Childbirth Fear Questionnaire and a very brief interview to assess clinically significant fear of childbirth. registration link:http://bit.ly/2G968Qb

In the study they are also looking at how childbirth fears relate to pregnant women’s birth experiences,mental health, and history of sexual abuse and symptoms of postraumatic stress. This is an important topic because we know that women with mental health problems, or a history of sexual assault or trauma may find childbirth more challenging. We also understand that this is a sensitive topic.

The research is appropriate for women who are pregnant and are 18 years and older.Please note that we would like to hear from ALL pregnant women ( those who are fearful of childbirth and those who are not).

We are trying to recruit 700 women across Canada to complete this study. Thanking you in advance for your help and cooperation.


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