Letting it go

This week after going over so many scenarios in my head, I decided it is best letting it go. Life has a way of doing its own thing. Just like an unborn baby, baby likes to do his own and thing and choose when to be born, and start life on earth, life does its own thing. We may want to try to make things happen, we are impatient and cannot wait for, or so we say all the time “I can’t wait for this” and “I can’t wait for that”. You know it is better to wait, and when the time is right all will seemingly fall into place. Worrying about it does not help any situation. Giving space and letting it go and letting things happen when they should happen is a far healthier approach.

The same is true with pregnancy and birth, Just enjoying every minute and being in touch with your baby and truly connecting with your baby throughout pregnancy is a very healthier way to spend 267 days. Wishing to move things along and getting it over with and sometimes using outside forces in a healthy pregnancy can lead to a undesirable end. Just letting go and believing in yourself and your baby will get you the amazing birth outcome you are dreaming and searching for. You are going to need that patience to love your baby and care for your baby, so why not practice before baby is born that wonderful gift of patience and letting it go, you will be thankful for the rest of your life that you did.


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