Celebrating World Doula Week


A doula is a personal support worker. Most of us are trained, spend thousands of hours into maintaining our focus to support others, and we work unconditionally to assist our birthing family.

Just like a support worker who is welcomed into someones home to take care of the elderly, we are invited into our clients lives because they seek support with an experience that they feel they need assistance with. It is not in anyone’s authority to judge why or how someone would want a doula support person OR who that person should be. Those who misjudge our role clearly haven’t taken the time to learn about it.

Doulas are people with families, who went through years of training to do a profession they are passionate about.

A doula is not “just” a support person. We are a trusted companion, a confidant, a member of the team, and many times we even become dedicated friends to our support families.

The role of a doula is to identify the birthing mother’s needs through quiet understanding and observation, and making sure those needs are met.

A doula is there to support both Mother and Father through this amazing birth journey. She is a constant presence, a kind gesture, a smiling glance, a reassuring embrace. A doula is an excellent listener, carefully analyzing everything around. She brings with her unending knowledge and carefully chooses the best comfort for Mom in any situation. A doula is the voice of reason when all seems unbelievable.A doula is patient and transparent at times. When an intimate moment is needed, a doula will step back into her observant role and wait to continue with her powerful support.

A doula cares for the emotions and feelings that are flooding the mind with confusion and fear of the unknown. A doula lets you know all is well and all is normal. A doula digs deep to find energy when there doesn’t seem to be any left. A doula makes Birthing Mom a Birthing Goddess. A doula allows Mom to focus deep within and connect with her baby.

Take a moment to reflect on how much of an important role a doula plays for a Birthing Mother and her partner so that they may welcome their new baby into our world with peacefulness and serenity and love.


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