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It’s all about the baby, especially with a first baby, everyone is wondering about the baby, friends and family call to find out when is baby coming, how come it’s taking so long, Friends and family all want to come by to visit the baby. Baby gets all the attention, it is an amazing journey for baby to be sure, Birth is only once. Mothers are often treated like the third party it seems, it is quickly forgotten all mom has gone through for almost a year before the birth of this baby, not to mention the actual labour and birth. Growing a baby is a very special gift bestowed upon us women, we are chosen to create life and bring forth a new being, our bodies are temples of life and creation. Birthing a baby is beyond life changing and beyond amazing. Friends and family quickly dismiss all that and come to visit the baby. Mother may get a congratulations. All eyes are on the new baby, and that is awesome. Mothers I say to you, care for yourself, relive the moment as many times as you like, YOU are the one who is the partner to this birth, and this baby depends solely on you to continue the life journey, so Mom you need to care for yourself, from inside out, eat well, fuel your body, get the rest you need, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it or when all these friends and family come for a visit, remind them you are coming back to normality yourself, and caring for yourself is essential. As mothers we get wrapped up in doing so many things, all those things can wait, rebuild your body, rebuild your strength, you must get some me time, you are entitled to it and you must have it in order to stay healthy and strong. Friends and family may say it is normal to be tired, it is normal to be sleep deprived, it is normal that the entire day runs away and Mom, you have not even had a chance to care for yourself, with a good meal and a healing shower, as a doula I can tell it does not have to be normal, it does not have to be so consuming, speak out and reach out, real friends will be more than happy to help with the simplest of chores, postpartum from a doula is a wonderful gift to give a new mom and baby, so ask for that as a shower gift or a congratulations gift instead of flowers or chocolates or multiple items you may never use. A doula can come in, day or night and help you get the rest and self care you so desperately need to keep your Mother wisdom performing at its optimum level, stimulating a healthy new life and yours.


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