Empowerment comes with Knowledge

Knowledge about birth comes with being informed. Women who feel empowered about their pregnancy and feel like they are in a good space are women who ask questions and stay informed every step of the way throughout pregnancy. Women believe in themselves and the transformation taking place within their bodies and their womb. For millions of years women have had babies, let’s face it, women are the creators of life, we always have been, or I would not be here to write about it and you would not be here to read about it. There comes a time in a woman’s life when she feels compelled to bringing new life, and that is a wonderful empowering feeling. When that feeling happens, act on it, get informed, get mentally in a good space, get physically in a good space too. Nutrition, exercise, well being of the mind, body and soul are the keys to a successful pregnancy and birth. Women who take on the mission of being informed and staying informed and above all believing in their own empowerment will experience the most beautiful life changing birth.Women should not doubt themselves, after all we are here because our ancestors had the power and they passed on that power to you. It is a gift a cherished gift, only we women have the privilege of opening. The answers to our empowerment lie deep within our intuitive minds, listening to that voice and gathering information from like minded women provide us with the knowledge that we can fulfill our dream and nurture our new life from the initial moment of pregnancy and all through life. Please remember always that whatever the mind conceives and believes it can achieve. You are on powerful birthing goddess.


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