Weaving the Story- Final Holistic Chapter

In the final chapter, we weave the entire birth story. During the next days and even weeks, the vortex remains open. Motherbaby… are establishing their relationship and rhythm.The alerted state is still very apparent but beginning to close. How quickly it closes depends on how soon the mother returns to her ordinary reality. During this time,family and caregiver revisit the events of birth. This is a crucial time of witnessing and articulating the journey to each other. Mother has an opportunity to review her altered state with her companions and formulate her wisdom.Partner is also included into these experiences and the parents share their insights.The weaving goes on forever. Families and caregivers form a special bond and as time progresses and children grow often the birth wisdom continues to be revealed and understood. Being present with families in the postpartum is as relevant as being present in pregnancy and birth. This is also the stage when parents analyze what worked for them and what didn’t. This is a time of open and candid communication as parents with me helps strengthen my experience as a doula. Every time I continue to serve women and their families, I am enlightened to new powers of wisdom, while I realize that this perception of birthing does not represent mainstream births today, it is my experience and the experience of many women today. It is constant reminder of how special birth is and should be, every time is a new learning, and we are constantly studying each and every birth experience. I offer thanks to all these amazing birthing women for teaching me the hidden wonders of each birth.

As I continue this amazing journey, I know many new experiences will serve to teach me further about this miracle that is life.


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