Thoughts and Reflections

As 2017 comes to an end, I feel compelled to express my thoughts and reflections of the past year. As this is my last blog for the year, I would simply like to thank each and every family who believed in me and gave me the amazing opportunity to assist them with their birth and arrival of their new baby. It is always an honour for me to witness the miracle of life, and this year has been beautiful for me. With each birth, I felt renewed energy within me, and also each birth allowed me to learn more and more about the miracle of birth. As we are all different, so is each birth, as unique and individual as the new life we welcome. A deep bond is created with each and every family I serve and I am truly grateful to be able to watch these families grow in their unique way as well.

Also this year, I continued on my own learning journey, after being introduced to Indie Birth by the wonderful Gena Kirby, the rebozo genius, I started listening to the wealth of information Maryn Green from Indie BIrth, talks about in her multitude of Podcasts, she has so generously published for us. http://www.indiebirth.com/podcastarchive.So fascinated with what I read and listened to almost each day, I made the commitment to learn more about Indie Birth and in October I flew to Sedona Arizona to meet Maryn and Margo and attend a wonderful midwifery skills conference that was being held there for 3 days. The weekend was magical, inspiring,instructive, a truly marvelous experience, the love and beauty I felt during that weekend will be forever with me, and every opportunity I get to share information about Indie Birth with clients, friends and family I do so with exuberance and determination. It is imperative for our future that we become mindful of the way we birth our babies. Birth is all natural a really normal happening, it is not a sickness, on the contrary it is a deep wellness and a miracle every woman should experience and allow herself to be normal and free and autonomous.

I look forward to joining Indie Birth again this Spring 2018, this time in Minnesota for a breakthrough weekend retreat, with this amazing family of like minded birthkeepers and caregivers.





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