Communion- Holistic Stages of Birth

When the communion stage arrives in the holistic stages of birth that is the moment when the parents decide it is ok to share their new baby with others blessed to be in the room with them, children, grandparents,friends, attendants are all invited to greet the newborn.At this invitation the caregiver may move into the space of the mother and family. Baby may show interest in nursing. Congratulations are offered and a quiet celebration occurs. The Return, The Acquaintance and the Communion last about 30 minutes and this is called the immediate postpartum. Even though they are short in duration they all are very different stages of birth, and each with its own unique and important experience that impacts the development and well being of the family.

COMPLETION is Immediate Pospartum, Birth of the Placenta

30 minutes or so after birth of the baby, the mother will turn her attention to her placenta. At this time more or less, the placenta is out of the uterus and sitting in the yoni. It is easily birthed, with very little fuss or concern. The midwife may hold the bowl and assist the mother in positioning herself to release the placenta. The mother has had her bonding time and has had initial communication with her loved ones and she now settles down to nurse her baby and gain some energy by eating and drinking nourishing foods. Babies tend to be alert for the first hour or so after birth. Then they generally drift into a very deep sleep having nursed and fallen in love.Mother has birthed her placenta and received nourishment both physical and spiritual.While baby is sleeping the caregiver or midwife may want to assess the Mother and ensure bleeding is normal and maybe Mother may want to have a shower. Mother may also feel like talking or eating some more or she may herself want to rest. While everything winds down now, Mother and partner draw together and prepare to enfold their newborn and each other in sweet sleep.


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