Acquaintance- Holistic Stage of Birth

Acquaintance in the holistic stages of birth is exactly what it implies the meeting of a new being your Baby. At this time the Mother has picked up her baby and started to get acquainted with her baby. Mother and Father are in awe at this moment. They are in awe of the baby and in awe with each other, amazed at all they have been through together and where they have traveled, it is with a sense of wonder and reverence as they approach their baby. Initially they may be crying and not speaking, still wrapped up in the mystical cocoon of the Vortex. They may soon give way to expressions of delight as parents caress and speak to their baby and each other. The period of Return and of Acquaintance are times when distractions should be kept to a minimum,there will be time later to measure, poke and prod and weigh the baby, right now, the time is for acquaintance and the sanctity of the new family bonding must be honoured and observed from afar. As the Acquaintance comes to an end usually 10 minutes or so, the Mother and Father have explored their baby and Mother may feel the placenta descend and ready to be birthed. After this time, the birth worker can proceed with helping birth the placenta and tend to the baby by checking vitals and weight, all the meanwhile Mother should be skin to skin with baby keeping Baby warm and content.


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