Emergence – birth

When it comes time for the largest part of the baby’s head to appear that is called crowning the baby has already passed through the Birth Gate and the Mother is energized and  ecstatic.

She may cry out loudly like to let us know she is back from her birth journey.An adrenalin response, she may get up from her kneeling position and arch her back,Dr Michel Odent calls this the fetal ejection reflex, and mother rising facilitates the crowning and baby moving down through the birth canal.This surge of adrenalin along with the increased flow of oxytocin, is responsible  for the alertness of the mother and baby. A mother may feel overwhelmed as she moves from one dimension to another, but she always will know what to do and how to birth her baby. This is a good time for the partner or caregiver to kneel in front of Mother to catch the baby, mother can also catch her baby, she is not out of control and is totally able to receive her baby. There is no need to check the cord of cut the cord at this time. One third of babies born have a cord around the neck and nothing is drastic or dangerous about that. Pulling on the baby’s head is not advisable either, in fact this action may cause a problem or even a delay in the birth.


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