Breakers (Second Stage the Pushing Phase)

In our series of the holistic stages of birth, we have reached the breakers, the pushing stage.

at this point, the baby’s head reaches the perineum, Mother can feel this, and the birthing partner can see the head at this point.Mother knows her baby is right there waiting and the sensation of the baby’s head there, will bring on contractions and make mother feel the urge to push very strong.Usually mother will be filled with the power of the waves and will push with them. Some mothers however, will actually not need to push as the uterus does the pushing on its own, that is called the fetal ejection reflex.Mother will make deep primal sounds and baby will move forward.At this point close to crowning, Mother will feel a deep flow of adrenaline course through her body. With the speed of light Mother is in two worlds. Her oxytocin birth trance is still palpable and she aware of her earthly reality. She is back and she is ready to bring her baby earthside.Women at this point, when left alone and not told what to do will kneel on one knee to birth their baby, almost all women. Many women will sway with the contractions and will lean forward.Some women will hold their uterus. During Quiescence, women seem to relax, they may float in a tub, or sit back waiting or even lie down.When the tide returns Mother will stand up again, walking, swaying,leaning, as it becomes more intense the actual Breakers will make Mother crouch down, squat, kneel on one knee. Her partner crouches in front of her, as a protector of the birth. Mother will know what to do with her hands, an undisturbed mother will catch her baby and place baby in front of her on a mat on the floor.There are m any other positions to birth in and women instinctively know how to birth their baby and what position to be in. Next week the BIrth…


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