Undisturbed Birth Indie Birth Way

What does undisturbed birth really mean? Are we saying we are all alone with no one around? Are we saying we are immobile and waiting for birth to happen? Are we saying we are sleeping through it?

Well, that is not exactly what an undisturbed birth is. An undisturbed birth is more referring to interventions and speeding things up, taking certain labour inducers, whether they be natural or artificial. Checking for dilation and artificially opening the waters. An undisturbed birth means letting the birth process unfold, the way it is meant to unfold for YOU. Just like the petals of a flower unfold and open at their own pace, and sometimes even, refold and close up for a little bit, as dusk or dawn approaches, so does our amazing birthing body do the same.

Cherishing every birthing moment and being up close and personal with yourself and with your baby, will permit the entire birth journey to be exceptional, enlightening, memorable, a lifetime journey never forgotten and forever imprinted in our minds and our bodies.

Mothers know how to birth their babies, mothers know what they need, mothers know they must believe in themselves and their super maternal power present deep within them. Mothers know what their unborn baby wants and needs, mothers are in constant communication with that baby, mothers can feel their every move, mothers can hear their baby calling from the womb, mothers can taste every sensation baby gives, mothers and babies are in unison, they are one, before they are two.

Trust in yourselves, trust in your power, trust in your wisdom, trust in your mother’s and grandmother’s and all your ancestors before that, they had the inner wisdom and they passed it on to you, just as you will pass on this birth wisdom to your daughters and granddaughters and so on. Be at peace and Believe.http://www.indiebirth.com


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