The Summoning- Transition

Part 3 of the Holistic Stages of Birth is The Summoning. The Summoning is the end of the First Stage – Transition. In the summoning Mother becomes aware that she is nearing the peak of the mountain. She is very deep in a vortex past anything else she has ever experienced. She has been throughout connecting to her inner wisdom, opening to revelation and now she comes face to face with the peak of her labour.This is what she has come for-accessing the new spirit, the new person, her child and her partner’s child and bringing this soul to Earth. She hears the summoning, she summons her child and together they make their way back.This is often the most dangerous part of the journey, Mother must summon all her reserves and she may want to know her partner is totally present and supportive. She is confident that her care provider is following the course too and holding everything steady on the other side of the storm. Mother is braver and more courageous and powerful than ever before in her life. Transition is the most intense time for Mother. Surges are long and hard, 90 seconds or more and 3 minutes apart. Mother is reaching full dilation 10 cm. Mother may say she cannot do this anymore, she have a a wild eye look and seek the presence of others, she may ask for help, although it is not really help she wants, it is just the support of someone there to help return to her calm state, allowing her to feel safe and loved. Mother will become the storm, wild and so very powerful. Partners and Care providers, may feel intimidated as well as amazed by all this Mother Power.

Birth does not look any particular way. Some Moms are super calm, some are super wild and excited. Some labours are full of pain and others are bearable and even others are even orgasmic. When a Mother is in her authentic power, no matter how that looks, her birth is normal, natural and perfect for her. I can say right now that when a Mom is saturated with care provider cultural mores, or when she is prevented from accessing her instinctual wisdom, her experience of birth may be unbearable, agonizing,out of control and even humiliating and shameful.

A woman, at this time needs to find her own way, she needs to hear the summons in her own language and on her own terms. When She does the journey toward home can be initiated, any distraction at this time can be confusing and even dangerous.During this time openness, women find their way, find themselves, find their power, and their will and connect with forces greater than they have ever experienced. Mother is now ready to enter the next Phase of birth… to be continued..


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