The Indie Birth Community

This weekend marks a very special weekend for me, I am finally going to meet the Indie Birth Community in person. It is a very exciting time in my life, as a doula, the passion to assist birth is one very special segment of my doula life, yet also the passion for learning and sharing information is very much another part of my doula life.Therefore, when I heard there was an Indie Birth workshop in Sedona, this coming weekend, I worked hard to make this happen. The journey is a long one for me and I am so looking forward to meeting in person Maryn and Margo the founders of Indie Birth. Their wealth of knowledge and skills they are so willing to share with us will most definitely inspire me and my future clients with achieving amazing births.

When I became a doula, I stumbled upon this Indie Birth Community listening to a radio talk show with Gena Kirby another fantastic Doula and rebozo queen. Gena and Margo were talking about their personal birth experiences and how a free birth and unassisted birth can be explosive and even earth moving.I immediately related to this, remembering my own birth experiences, where I felt, after birthing my babies, that I could move the world, and birth babies forever. Birth is a life changing event, no matter what, the Indie Birth community helps pregnant moms all over the world, achieve birth the way birth is meant to be natural and certainly not intrusive.By listening to our own instincts and blending with our inner being, birth is a magical moment for Mother and Baby.

The anticipation and excitement is mounting for me and I will be certain to keep you all posted as to what an amazing journey in learning this will be for me and those around me, as I willingly will share all I possibly can with each and every Birthing Mom, I will be lucky enough to meet in the future of my doula life.


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