Holistic Stages of Birth

Attending Births has helped me realize that babies have their own agenda when left to birth when they feel they should. The more births I am blessed to witness to more I learn to carry forward for another birthing Mom at the next birth.There are holistic stages of birth, which I will start to talk to you about here today.


Labour is a journey, the preparation should be elaborate, conscious and consuming.There is usually a very important ritual of Arrangement before labour. We call that nesting, where the birthing Mother has been busy taking care of all the final details, she will wash clothes, fill the freezer with food, get the house all cleaned and in order. Nesting is part of Embarkation.Maybe the mucus from the cervix is starting to be noticed, maybe a bit of uterus tightening is felt. Then it does begin and Mom realizes that labour is here in ernest.The birthing mom becomes very excited, nervous, possibly concerned with the well being of her family while she is not able to attend because of the arrival of the newcomer.She may let her family know, or she may silently go with her partner to embark on her birth journey. If she is birthing at home, she may notify her midwife and her doula at this time.Often Moms just like to go with the flow and get into the different sensations and intensities before they let their caregivers and partners know. She may feel like talking and sharing what she is feeling.She usually stays focused as her body stretches and molds with each wave. The intensity grows and the birthing Mom is swept toward the unknown.This is the beginning of labour, waves are usually 30 to 45 seconds and every 5 to 10 minutes. As the birthing Mom comes closer to the chasm that separates her from ordinary reality, the waves build in intensity and they become coordinated and rhythmic. The birthing Mom is being called away- she is less and less present in ordinary reality, and she gets more serious and less chatty. As she is being pulled toward the veil she will likely want to let her caregivers know at this time. She knows that she will be leaving ordinary reality and taking a step toward the unknown. She wants her caregivers to be aware of this so they can be ready to witness.



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