Entering the Veil

Last week we talked about the first stage of birth or pre labour, called Embarking. This week we continue our holistic stages of birth with entering the veil.The Mother reaches a point in her traveling where it is time for her to go it alone. The endorphins that were released by her body during the embarking stage, have begun to change her consciousness and she enters  more deeply the realm of the altered state. She travels to the edge of her normal reality, parts the Veil and moves beyond.The Veil separates ordinary reality from the deep altered state.

Brain wave patterns slow down and change from Beta (ordinary reality)to Alpha ( the bridge into subconscious in the embarkation stage.Now, in this next stage brain wave patterns slow down even more and Mother has access deep in to Theta (subconscious) The aloneness reflects the fact that women move into a place of self-direction that seems come from a grounded yet altered place in them.

The Veil is that stage that calls the change to this new place. It does not mean that Mother wishes to be alone and that others are not relevant, rather it notes the shift into a more self-directed realm,Mothers may approach the Veil many times before deciding to move through. Circumstances may also prevent Mother from moving through.Constant questioning,interruptions in Mother’s rhythm serve to her back to ordinary reality. At the Veil, Mother no longer feels chatty, she begins the process of separation and while Mother is aware of details and specifics happening around her, she becomes less interested in them.

There is often a palpable change in the air a different smell or a subtle colour change in the room that marks the presence of the Mother at the Veil. The Mother at this point as reached a 4 or 5cm dilation and the character of the surges or waves  change. The waves begin to be 60 seconds long and 5 minutes apart now.Mother may seem to act a bit more spacey and unfocused to caregivers in the beta mindset.

Mother craves privacy,silence,warmth,intimacy and darkness, she seeks out her Guardian to make sure she is safe, and that no one will breach the sacredness of her travels by distracting her. She looks to her Partner to make sure he is still with her, she may reach out for him and silently they may travel together for a while, they are silent tuned only to the rhythm of the process and maybe they are tuned to the spirit and soul of their baby. They may have visions, see colours,hear their baby’s voice, whatever their experience is, it is unique to them. They are profoundly into it and Mother has now gone beyond Beta, way past Alpha and moving through the deepest state of consciousness Delta,(beyond the subconscious to the unconscious). It is important not to interfere with the birthing couple. Mother stays upright moving with her waves, they become stronger and longer, and dilation moves from a 5 to an 8 or 9. The waves are hard and strong and intense, Mother develops coping strategies. Mother may count, hum, whisper affirmations, she does not usually need words.She may embrace the powers of water.Whether Mother wishes to be alone or whether she wishes to be with someone, as caregivers and birthworkers we need to be ever present and observant often quietly witnessing the miracle unfolding.


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