The Labour shortener – Peanut Ball

What is a Peanut Ball?

Many of us know of the birth ball or the yoga ball and its wonderful posture benefits and pelvic widening.The peanut ball is slightly different although it can also be used to sit on, and stretch and posture, it is a whole lot easier to sit on the peanut ball it requires less balancing. Once a birthing mom needs to lay down, this peanut ball can help keep her hips in optimal position for labour and widen the pelvis.The use of peanut balls is relatively new and some hospitals do not have them yet, but those who do, claim to have reduced the c-section rate with the use of the peanut ball. Some studies also claim to have reduced the time of labour in women as well with the peanut ball. The major beneficial effect is with women who have had an epidural and cannot get up off the bed, she can just lay on her side and put the peanut ball between her legs and continue to labour that way. In summary these awesome birth balls have three noticeable benefits so far.

Shorten labour in the first stage especially.

Shorten the pushing phase of birth,

The Caesarean rate in women who used the peanut ball was reduced by 13%.

These are major benefits for hospitals who are trying to reduce the c-section rate, these births take much longer to recover and have more potential for complications.They also cost more money, so there is a huge potential for saving money for both the hospital and the patient.

The Peanut Ball for Non-Hospital Births.

The peanut ball at home even before labour can help mom with difficulties sleeping and remaining comfortable by using the ball in bed while side sleeping.

The peanut ball can help a tired labouring mom to rest and still keep her pelvis open by using the peanut ball while resting. The Peanut Ball is also a wonderful place to sit when trying to find a different position during labour.


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