Signs You Will Be Meeting Baby Soon

  • The average length of gestation these days is 41+ 5. So whether your “Due Date” has expired remember you are not alone. In some countries the gestation is set at a different week than here in Canada. Some countries set the week at 41, which is likely way more accurate, there can be a variance of as many as 5 weeks depending on the cycle of the woman and the time of conception, so no worries, I can guarantee that baby will join you earthside soon, let’s not focus too much on the date, rather focus on yourself,your health and what you are truly feeling, a mother’s feeling is way more accurate than the “Date”, having said that there are signs that baby is nearing his or her birthday.
  • Diarrhea- You may experience this at any time during pregnancy, if you are nearing your due date, though, diarrhea may be a sign that baby is coming soon, your body is getting ready for birth, cleaning your system, and making space for baby. Keep yourself very well hydrated, and watch for other signs.
  • Lightening- This is another prettier word meaning baby is dropped or dropping, when baby lowers down into your pelvis to prepare for birth, after the lightening you may feel pressure on your bladder and cervix and have an increased urge to urinate. You will find breathing easier, this lightening is way more noticeable in first time pregnancies than others.
  • Ripened Cervix- This is not something readily observed and an internal exam is necessary in order to determine the ripening of the cervix, however,it is not always certain baby will come more quickly just because your cervix is ripened, it is a sign though that birth is soon.
  • Increased Discharge– You may start to notice more mucus discharge as the cervical plug starts to fall out, this starts to happen when the cervix has softened enough to release that protective barrier, spotting or a bit of pinkish show may be present as well.
  • Contractions– The practice Braxton Hicks may be present and pick up in frequency and intensity, these contractions are preparing your uterus to birth your baby, they are often not too painful or even painless, they don’t follow a regular pattern, if they start getting strong and lying down, eating or drinking does not stop them, start timing, birth is soon for sure.
  • Water Breaking or Water Release– Only 8 to 10% of women experience the water breaking before contractions start, and chances are good that if this does happen to you baby will be born within a couple of days.
  • Listen to your body– Labour progresses at different paces and intensities with every woman, we are not machines, just as we are all different so are our births,observe the changes in your body, note anything that is new to YOU.Our bodies are made to birth babies and your body and baby will birth at their optimal pace for your body. Remember your body will not give you anything you can’t handle. Follow your natural self, trust your body, you are a birth giver! Best of luck into your journey becoming a mother.

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