Third Baby Syndrome

Yes, my priorities before baby list has gotten smaller, and i am pretty much out of things that I really need to do. However, I am still pregnant! I could very well still be pregnant next week or even more than that. So, here is a partial list of all the crazy things i have running through my head right now.

Well on various days I obsess that my baby is either too big or too small.It’s impossible to tell on your own body, and I have likened palpating your own baby to cutting your own hair. Sure, I’m getting decent at determining this information about other women’s babies, but my own forget it. I’ve had all kinds of blood sugar issues this pregnancy, and although last month I thought this baby was huge now I think not so. Which brings me to my next deranged thought!!!

Is my due date right? I had my first at 37 weeks and my second at 39. Because this due date has never been set in stone, I don’t know if I am 39 weeks or 38 weeks. The week off made no difference to me during most of my pregnancy but now I laugh at what a big deal it is!.I could go into labour tonight and believe me, it crosses my mind with every practice contraction.

This paranoia has a name it is called Third Baby Syndrome and it does exist.

Basically third timers question everything and worry a lot more because if things don’t feel exactly right like the last 2 times, something must be off.

I guess the good part of the syndrome is that it’s made me tune in more into my intuition, that is the part of me that says there is nothing wrong with me and baby is fine. baby will come when baby is ready. And when I do think of it like that, I know it doesn’t matter what week it is or how much bigger or smaller this one will be compared to the other siblings.

It can be scary to tune into this part of yourself, but I find courage there as well. So, I know iIcan do this last week or two, but is there a Fourth- baby syndrome?


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