Help Your Baby Earthside

Have you ever heard to old saying” it takes two to tango”.?

This saying is also true when it is time to have a baby. Baby needs your help to join you earthside. You body has been preparing for birth all these months and you have eaten well, kept your body well nourished with liquids as well, you have done appropriate exercise, and you have listened to your body, when it is time to rest you have, and when it’s time for positive nourishment and encouragement, you have received it. Now the day is coming near and soon baby will send signals that it is time to join you earthside. Labour or surges will begin and the more you listen to your body and your baby the easier and faster baby can join you and your family.Surges or labour pains are intense, yes they are, but they are an amazing part of the birth of your baby. During birth, your body and your baby need to work together to ease this transition to earth. It is vital to be in tune with your body and your baby in order for this to go smoothly. Here are just a few ideas to assist you with this amazing lifetime journey! The most memorable of your life.

  • STAY OFF YOUR BACK : Watching shows where women are pinned into a bed and held down to birth their babies and push and hold are not real birthing scenes, or should not be anyway! Giving birth on your back makes it very difficult for baby to navigate and restricts the space baby has to descend and also baby has your tailbone banging on his head, so not good. Also lying on your back squeezes down on the vena cava which can slow the flow of oxygen to the baby and to your body as well, and even during pregnancy it does not feel good to lie on your back and baby will usually let you know to move! So why would it be different during birth?
  • ROCK YOUR PELVIS : Dancing your baby out with rhythm will aid your circulation, keep your pelvic floor muscles open and ready to move baby down.As baby moves through pelvis rock and sway, lean forward resting your head and arms on the side of the bed or a couch or even your partner or doula.
  • BREATHE : Your breath is cleansing and feeding your baby, it helps your relax, it helps you heal, it helps ease discomfort and tension, holding your breath will restrict the flow of oxygen and causing you to fell more discomfort.During labour or surges your baby needs open space, less tension and more oxygen. Inhale to expand and create space for baby, exhale sending breath down to baby, releasing any tension. Nourish your body and your baby on his journey to his own breath earthside.

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